Meet Our Team

It is a mission of Kids Expanding The Kingdom Christian Preschool, Inc. to provide a fully integrated preschool program to foster  the child's social and emotional growth as well as their physical and mental development. Additionally, our sequential learning curriculum was developed to prepare the child for academics in kindergarten and elementary school. Kids Expanding The Kingdom Christian Preschool ,Inc. provides superior before and after school care as an aid to working parents.

The gold of Kids Expanding The Kingdom Christian Preschool, Inc. is a place where success is build one child at a time. We believe that children are a gift. It's our honor to help children learn. We give our best to be positive role model and to instill Christian morals that will help your child through journey of life. We work as partners with families to provide a learning environment that will love, stimulating, and emotionally wholesome. We most show love and respect towards a growth of learning. We allow the freedom for each child to reach his/her full potential one step at a time. Teaching children the things God's has created. There is so much for children to learn & every child can be successful. Our Christian Preschool will not discriminate enrollment decisions based on stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, trials or performance of individuals of a certain sex, race, age, religion, or ethnic group or individuals with disabilities.     

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